My cat's eye is leaking a reddish brown liquid

    • One eye is leaking a reddish brown liquid 

  • Hi Denise, I'm Linda, a vet with 10 years of clinical experience.

    I'm sorry she is experiencing this issue, she's very sweet!


    Discharge like this is not a specific sign and we'd consider e.g.


    • A viral or bacterial conjunctivitis
    • A blocked tera duct
    • Localised dental disease
    • A foreign body under the eyelid, such as some grit
    • A corneal ulcer
    • Etc.


    It is something we'd want to have a vet take a look at. They'll examine her and both eyes, as well as her mouth. They may flush the eye, as well as stain to check for an ulcer.


    Her treatment can then be determined. This might include e.g. some antibiotic drops.


    From home, make sure she is not rubbing at the eye, using a buster collar if needed.

    I'd also gently bathe the eye with some cotton wool and salt water.

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