Help stop my male cat from peeing on a towel

  • I have two cats and one cove.  I do get the "stink eye" when one has used it and other is in there.  I knew I needed a second box (space of where to place the second box is sadly in short supply and will end up in my kitchen between my pantry and refrigerator).

    My male cat (just turned over a year old and is neutered) was "caught" this morning peeing on a towel (that he likes to pull down and lay on).  Said towel will now be thrown out and floor treated with product purchased from local "boutique" pet store.

    I have just purchased a second cove and more litter - sadly will need to go in kitchen (as already mentioned).

    Do I wait to see if this eliminates the problem?

    He has never shown signs of discomfort or vocalizing during urination - just does not like it if Daisy has used it before him.

    Also want to add that I had another male cat (which is deceased) that urinated in the same place.  My flooring was replaced by adding laminate over the old floor.  Could my new male now sense this is the right place or is he simply letting me know that I need a new box.

    I know - complicated questions.

  • Hi there Karen. I'm sorry to hear about this.


    So, I do think that the lack of litter trays was likely the issue here.

    Cats really dislike sharing trays, and often pee elsewhere when they have to.

    The rule of thumb is 1.5 trays per cat, or 3 trays if you have 2 cats. With one tray, urinary 'accidents' are very common.


    You've done the right thing by getting rid of the towel and using an enzymatic cleaner to clean up any residue.


    I'd hope this does the trick.


    As urinating outside of the tray can also be a sign of anxiety or cystitis, we should now keep a close eye.


    It may help to get a Feliway plug in and to start him on some calming supplements, if he does seem a little anxious. It is also worth ensuring he has lots of stimulation in his environment e.g. a cat tree, scratching post, variety of toys, catnip etc.


    I'd watch closely for signs of cystitis such as drinking more, peeing more often, cloudy urine etc. 


    Fingers crossed though, no more accidents!

  • @Karen Pickett ,,I have the same problem with my oldest cat, 13 years old. I can't keep throw rugs, mats of any kind or any fabric on the floor because my cat will pee on it. I have 5 cats, including him and 3 litter boxes. He doesn't seem to like to go inside the litter boxes. I tried changing the brands of litter several times to see if it feels better on his paws. Some people eliminate litter completly and put strips of newspaper in them. Some add  baking soda to the litter.  Sometimes he does go in the litter box and more times he won't. So I put pee pads in the areas where he frequently pees. That works for him. 

  • @Linda Simon I would love to add a box - sadly my apartment has very limited space - the second box has arrived but cannot be set up until I get my next litter shipment (of course it has been modified to allow for the extra box).  He has a large cat tree - a pedestal bed - two large scratchers (sisal) and two cardboard scratchers).  He loves to play fetch with some of the wool balls I have discovered - he just turned a year old and is the little bundle of energy I expected.

    I do have calming spray for use around the house.  

  • @Judy Marszalek Alcala Could he have arthritis?  It might be difficult for him to climb inside if his joints ache.  Any other physical issues - diabetes or kidney disease might make him have to go and not "make it" to the box in time.  I had a similar thing happen with a 16 year old male - turns out his diabetes was playing up again and needed more agressive control.  I put pads out thinking he had joint issues also.  


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