Why is my cat suddenly having sneezing fits?

  • My cat started having sneezing fits about 4 days ago. I think it might be a Feline Herpes Virus flare up. Theres no sudden change to his environment though. Besides running a steam shower or humidifier, is there anything else I can do to help manage this from home?

  • Hi there, and thanks for this question.


    If he is known to be a Herpes virus carrier, it is quite possible that this is a flare.

    As well as steam, it helps to ensure the air is generally well ventilated and free of dust, smoke and cooking fumes.

    We should also clear away any nasal discharge with warm, wet cotton wool as needed.


    Other considerations for his signs would include an oral issues (such as stomatitis or a dental abscess), an allergy, a nasal polyp or a new infection. So if signs are not improving, a check up is sensible.

  • Thanks 

  • Not at all and I hope he is doing well!

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