How can we keep dogs from eating from cat litter box?

  • .I have an older cat 16yo and just started  ha ing a male cat aprox 4 yo come to stay with us to help a friend. at this moment our cat has he litter box in oine bathroom guest has bhas his in a second bathroom  my issue at this point is that I have no way to keep our dog out of cats box.  would it be appropriaqte to put both boxes in the same bathroom?


  • Hi there and thank you for this question.


    This is a common issue; dogs love the taste of cat poo as it is quite high in protein.


    I'd get a litter tray with a roof in this situation, if your cat can use this.


    Ideally, we would have the trays in different rooms, to avoid competition.


    Cleaning poos right away will also discourage the dog from accessing them, and he should soon get bored when they are always empty.

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