Can you suddenly develop an allergy to cats?

  • Can you randomly get allergies from cats even if u been around them your whole life?
    I recently adopted two kittens and I was fine for the first 3 days then one night my throat and mouth was pretty dry , hurting and my breathing was off, been like that for 3 days and I can't tell if it's the cats or if I'm sick one of those days I even stayed in my room away from the cats while my sister cared for them

  • Hey Jackson and thanks for this question.


    This sounds really stressful and I hope you're ok.


    Really, this would be a question for a doctor or allergist.


    Anecdotally, I know of people who can tolerate some cats but not others, likely due to their fur or dander type.


    I'm also aware that new allergies can develop at any age (in both humans and animals!).


    I hope this resolves shortly for you.

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