How can I keep my cats from destroying my chairs?

  • I have a vinyl recliner chair that my cats have absolutely shredded with their claws! It has stuffing spilling out on all sides, and looks terrible. I would like to replace this chair with an upolstered lift chair as I am having mobility issues. How can I keep my girls from destroying yet another chair? I will not have them declawed as I have heard how cruel and painful it is for them!

  • Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about this.


    I'd ensure they each have access to a scratching mat and scratching post.

    To encourage its use, we can rub cotton wool on their cheeks and scent glands, and then rub the posts/mats. This tends to make them want to use them more.


    We can use an anti scratch spray on the chair and can also apply anti-scratch tape.

  • Where can I get anti-scratch tape?   Do not wish to order on line since no credit card.

  • The coolest book I've ever read is don't growl at the dog! This book applies not only to dogs but also to cats! Its essence is simple, reinforce protective actions, for example, with food and ignore the negative ones, and training will be successful)))

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