Why doesn't my 8 year old maine coone cat meow?

  • My coonie is almost 8 yrs old. I've had her since she was 4 mo old. In all that time, I have never heard her purr or meow. She was abused when she was a baby, could that be the reason why ?

  • My Maine coon is 1 yr old,never meows, only if he needs help.

  • Hey Gail!


    A 'lost' meow can be a concern,  as it can be a sign of e.g. laryngitis or a respiratory infection.

    However, if your kitty has never meowed, this is likely just them!


    Some cats are naturally less vocal than others. It is certainly possible that a lack of proper feline socailisation and interactions when younger has contributed to this. If she wasn't around other purring and meowing cats, she's be less likely to mimic these behaviours.


    However, I know of plenty of cats who weren't abused and don't meow; it's just their personality.

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