• I have a fixed male cat that always has diarrhea.  I took him to the vet and they ran test on him and said it might be his food, nothing found in tests. I have been giving him a fiber supplement daily which I have seen some improvement. Do you have any other suggestions? 

  • Hi Judith, I'm Linda, a vet with 10 years of clinical experience.


    I'm sorry to hear about this ongoing diarrhoea.

    This sort of diarrhoea can have a wide range of causes including:


    • IBD
    • A food allergy or sensitivity
    • Parasites
    • A bacterial infection
    • Etc.


    You don't mention which tests were run but I'd hope they analysed his stool and scanned his abdomen. A blood test is also useful, especially if we run an intestinal panel which can check levels of cobalamin and folate and well as Tli.


    As well as a fiber supplement, I'd start a probiotic and a hypoallergenic hydrolysed diet. When on this diet, he should have no other food or treats.

    I'd also ensure he is up to date with a broad acting wormer such as Fenbendazole.


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