One cat is scaring other cats and hogging all the food

  • How do I keep 4 month old kittens from hogging the food if you are only supposed to feed wet food and cant leave it out because it spoils? I feed several times a day, but one kitten in particular growls and scares the others away by going over to their bowls even when placed at a distance.  I have thought about small shelves they could eat upon as maybe they could protect their food easier. Some prefer to munch and come back after a few minutes, but one gobbles up all the others food. Isn't all freeze dried food supposed to be hydrated for cats to eat? 

  • Hey there Ren and thanks for this question.


    If there is some bullying going on aorund the food, it is best to feed the cats separately.

    This can mean different rooms or feeding one (the food aggressive one) in a large crate.

    We should give them 10 minutes to eat (or less if they finish the meal) and then take the bowls up and let them be together again.

    The issue with the shelf idea is that the aggressive cat could still intimidate the others as they would be nearby.

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