Cat Swallowed Feather From Toy

  • I just saw my cat swallow a whole, colored feather from a wand toy. I'd say it was around 2-2/12 " long. I immediately opened her mouth but she had completely swallowed it. I'm most worried about the shaft. I've taken other toys away from her out of fear of what she might be swallowing. I once pulled a large piece of dental floss out of her rear end after I found her frantically running around in circles chasing it. Is there anything I should do right now? Or should I just keep an eye on her? What should I watch for? 



  • I called my vets office after I posted this. They told me there was probably no need to worry, since cats eat birds in nature. But I'd still appreciate your perspective.

  • Hi Barbara! 

    My first suggestion would be to speak with your vet right away, but looks like you already did!

    If they want to you to monitor him, the best thing to do is watch out for other signs of illness like diarrhea or vomiting, lethargy, pale gums, change in appetite, etc. 

    If you see your cat do anything out of the ordinary, call your vet back and give them the scoop. Otherwise, just wait and see and your cat will hopefully pass the feather right on through with no problems!! 

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