Is there any way I can keep my cat away from a spider plant?

  • Is there any way I can keep my cat away from a spider plant?  She destroed the last one I was gifted.  

  • Hi Bette! 

    My name is Shannen, and I'm a feline behaviorist. I can definitely help you with this problem! 

    First, the best thing to do is to try to manipulate the environment so your cat can't reach the plant. This seems like an obvious answer, but sometimes having the cat see the plant there, but not actually be able to play with it, can assist with some desensitization. 


    Next, you would try to make the plant less appealing. Cats tend to not like the smell of citrus, so think about wither lightly spraying the plant with either lemon or lime juice, or even leaving slices of citrus in the plant. 

    Additionallty, work on consistently redirecting the cat away from the plant each time you see her get into it, and praise and treat her when she does. It sounds crazy sometimes, but cats can absolutely be trained! Just takes time, consistency and repetition! 

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