Prevent my 2-year-old cat from pushing and pulling water dish

  • Why does my 2-year-old cat have to push and pull the water dish before he gets a drink it seems like he can't drink the water unless the water is moving on the inside

  • Hi Patty! 

    Cats can become quite enthralled with water sometimes, and it's actually a pretty normal behavior!

    Instead of fighting this behavior, I would actually try to start with a new water bowl first.

    Typically, the two best things to do would be to:

    1 - Consider getting a no-mess water bowl. here

    2- Consider getting an automated water fountain. here


    These are both great options, but I'd like to highlight the second option! This type of fountain can be a great way to not only encourage her to drink water, but let her experience the moving water without her creating the mess herself.


    Hope this helps! 

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