Cat suddenly started vomiting clear liquid and acting sluggish

  • My 9 year old usually healthy, cheerful mixed breed sweet boy just started  throwing up clear vomit with some kibble and acting a bit sluggish. No food changes. Added some prebiotic/ probiotic to food but not seeing change yet. Also increased his normal water intake. Never happened before. Other 2 cats normal. Suggestions?

  • Hi Alexandra, I'm sorry to hear about this. My name is Linda, and I'm a small animal vet with 10 years of clinical experience.


    A once off vomit is not usually a concern and can be due to e.g. dietary indiscretion ( a cat eating something they should not), eating too quickly or an abrupt diet change.


    However, if the vomiting is ongoing, we'd take it seriously; especially at his age.


    At 9, we start to wonder about things like kidney disease, an overactie thyroid or dental disease (which can lead to food bolting and subsequent regurgitation).


    A vet check is sensible id the vomiting is continuing. They'll examine him and may discuss some tests such as a blood test and abdominal scan, to get a clearer idea of why this is happening.


    I agree a probiotic won't do any harm. I'd feed a bland and digestible diet (like chicken and rice) and use a slow feeder bowl if he eats quickly.

    If prone to fur balls, consider a fur ball paste and be sure to brush him daily.

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