Prevent neutered male cat from peeing all over the house

  • We have a neutered male who pees all over the house. We have plenty of litter boxes, big ones. What's wrong with him? Head been to the vet and they don't find any physical problems

  • I know how frustrating this is! Do you have other cats, Nancy? We had a similar problem and once I started working from home I noticed that one cat was being bullied by the others (well, to him it felt like bullying, I think they just enjoyed chasing him). They would often chase him as he came out of the litter box. We had lots of litter boxes but they were clustered in one room and most of them were covered. We spread them out over the house and removed the covers and the behavior stopped. Of course, it could also have been because my presence dissuaded the bullies from their worst impulses, ha. 

  • Hi Nancy! 

    Assuming all is cleared by the vet and he is healthy, this can definitely be behavioral! 

    a few tips to try:

    -Try changing the litter! sometimes they lose interest to certain litter, and changing it all together can solve it. 

    - How often are you cleaning the litter? Cats tend to want to be clean animals, and even one clump left in the box can make it off-putting to them. Sometimes, cats need their box cleaned up to twice a day in order to consistently use it. 

    - Sometimes a simple change in little box location can help to!

    Let me know if you need help with anything else! 

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