Tips on calming my crazy cat down?

  • I rescued a male kitten about 6 weeks old. I assume he had been abandoned.  He was in pretty bad shape, only weighed 1 1/2 lbs. After 3 days I noticed he wasn't  doing well.. I took him to vet and he had a wolf  worm on his face and had a very high temp. He was very nice and loving. Now he has gotten really annoying. He jumps on everything runs around the house at top speed. Attacks my TV. Won't stay off my counters. Also he wants to eat all the time, and won't settle down until I feed him. He weighs 10 lbs. How can I calm him down and feed him less?

  • Hi Mona! 

    My name is Shannen, I'm a feline behaviorist and can definitely help you with this problem! 

    Assuming the vet has cleared him of any other health problems that could cause this sudden change of behavior, I'd actually assume he is acting this way because he is feeling better and more lively, which is a good thing! 

    But, it could be beneficial to work on some training and practices that will help with some more self-control. Here are some general ideas to start! 

    - How old is he now? Getting him neutered can definitely help with some of the issues you've been having. It won't be a quick fix, but being intact can contribute to lack of self-control. 

    - Kittens need about 1-2 hours of strenuous exercise and playtime a day, so make sure you're meeting those goals each day! 

    -If you consulted with your vet that you're giving the right amount of food, changing the food can sometimes help as well. What type of food do you feed him?

    - Kittens will easily become bored and it looks like your counters and tv fell victim! Keep your kitten stimulated by cycling out different interactive toys, puzzle toys, etc. 

    - If he's treat-motivated, use this to your advantage! Each time he goes on the counter, tell him off, and direct him to get off the counter using the treat, and have him jump onto another high surface, like a cat tree! 

    Try some of these tips and let me know how it goes! 

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