Why is my male cat kneading? Is he masturbating?

  • Why do the kneading my male cat does is now part of his masterbation?Why

  • @Bridgett Jurado Both of my male cats still knead as well as one of my females. I was told years ago that it was because they were taken away from their mother too soon. ❤️🙏💕

  • Hi Bridgett! 

    Cats will do this for a variety of reasons, but one big one is to convey comfort. They may do this to show they're comfortable and in a content mood, or they may sometimes do this to give themselves comfort when they're mildly stressed. Sometimes, they'll do this to mark their territory too.

    Either way, it's all normal cat behavior and typically isnt a cause for concern! 

  • @Bridgett Jurado no!!!! They knead because it mimics when they were nursing. It's comforting to them. Plus, it's adorable!

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