3 year old cat won't use the litter box. Help.

  • Just got a 3 year old cat that won't use litter box ! Help ! How do I get it to use litter box.

  • Does he pee in the same spot every time?  If he does, put the litter box there, and see if he will use it. Keep it there for several days and then move it closer to the place where you want it for the next 3 days.  Do this til you have the litter box in the place you want and he is used to using it.

  • ❣️ lucky gets up on my bed above my head in the middle of the night and urinates on the pillow or whatever is there. I don't know it until he starts scratching the wall. He sleeps all day and then wants to be out all night. If I don't let him out he urinates somewhere in my room and start scratching

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