How to get my kitten to start using the litter box?

  • How do I get a kitten  to  use a litter box if I catch her poop  she runs off in another room and finishes  always on the rug she pees in the box

  • Have you Google your problem?  Arm and hammer has a information about handling this problem.   So does other pet sites.  Also how old is your kitten and when did you get him/her?  Is the kitten from a farm or a house?  If from a farm, it might be little harder to litter train him/her.  And if you got the kitten before mommy cat could teach her to use the litter then you got your work cut out for you!  

    We got our kitten when she was 5 months old from a house cat.  So she was used to using a litter.  She did have few accidents but none that weren't resolved by being familiar with where the litter was according the the layout of the house. And having enough litter! (My fault). 

    Does your kitten poop in the same area?  May want to put the litter box there til she knows to go in it.  When she consistently is going in there, then you can slowly move it back to where you want it originally.  

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