Why is my cat constantly licking me?

  • My cat is constantly licking me. What's that about?

  • Hi there Geraldine, I am Linda, a small animal vet.


    There are a few things to consider here.


    • Some cats enjoy the salty taste of our sweat or the taste associated with any creams, moisturisers or soaps we use
    • It can be a way of expressing affection
    • Some cats use our 'smell' and 'taste' to find out information from us, such as where we have been and if we've had contact with other animals


    If you cart is anxious, jumpy or hides away, we'd also wonder about some form of anxiety.

    Some cats lick us as a behaviour to soothe them and reduce their stress levels. They are seeking comfort from us.


    Some cats have figured out that licking us is a great way to gett our attention and can encourage us to do things they like, such as stroke them and talk to them.


    Less commonly, we're dealing with a medical issue. Some cats lick to relieve nausea or oral pain. So, if there are other signs (like vomiting, a reduced appetite or drooling), a vet visit is best.

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