Overweight cat is dragger her bottom over furniture to clean her butt. Help!

  • My cat is 20 pounds,  she can't clean herself and drags her bottom over furniture to clean her butt. We get her backside shaved but it really doesn't help. Ideas ?

  • I'm very sorry to hear this, that must be tricky to deal with.

    Overweight cats are generally less nimble and less physically able to groom themselves and keep themselves clena.

    Long-term, losing that weight is the best solution here.


    If an older cat, we need to consider arthritis affecting mobility and the ability to clean.

    Overweight cats are at a much higher risk of arhtritis

    Signs can be subtle and may include a reluctance to jump or being less playful.

    If a possibility, please consult with your vet who may discuss starting your cat in some prescription medicine.


    I agree shaving is sensible, and we should also gently clean the area each day.


    If stool is soft or loose, this will be creating more issues. When we scoop poop, it should not leave a trace behind. If it does, it is likely too soft.

    If soft, consider a course of probiotics and/or a diet change. I'd also want to ensure she is up to date with her wormer.

    If she does have soft stool and it is not resolving, this is something that warrants a vet visit.


    As a final note, those with faecal staining are at risk of fly strike in the hotter months, so do ensure there are no flies buzzing about and check her daily for any maggots.

  • @Teresa Bosket have his annual glands express by a vet. I have a cat that has to have this done every 2 months. Until that I thought it was only dogs but not so. The annual brother them a lot.

  • @Teresa Bosket I would have her checked for worms. That's usually a sign. ❤️🙏💕

  • I have an overweight cat (we're working on it, she's stubborn) and we perform nightly "butt checks." I clean her gently with a washcloth and warm water if needed. It's also helped us notice any infections or anal gland issues. Our zaftig babies just need a bit more attention and care.

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