Black marks on my cat's lips/mouth?

  • My cat Squeakers is 8 years old and has had 3 round black marks on her lips since she was about 6 months old.  They've gotten a tiny bit larger as the years have passed.  They bother her only very slightly when she eats.  Please don't tell me they're cancer.  She's had them 7 years.

    Also, the roof of her mouth is black.  What's going on?  She's playful, loving, and none of these things seem to bother her.  I can't afford a vet as I'm on a very limited fixed income.  She eats a lot, drinks plenty of water, has normal bowel movements and urine.  Help!

  • Hi Debbie and thanks for this question. I'm Linda,  vet with 10 years of clinical experience.


    As these marks have been present for so long and since she was a kitten, we don't need to worry.

    This will be her natural pigmentation. 

    While many cats have pink tongues, gums and lips we can also see darker pigment and this can spread as cats get older.

    Without a photo or an in person consult, I cn't say for sure, but this is my suspicion here.


    I'd ask your vet to take a look during her next routine appointment.


    You mention she gets bothered when eating? This won't be due to pigment and I'd wonder about dental disease or gingivitis. An oral exam is sensible here.

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