Why do one of my female cats and my male cat keep urinating in my home?

  • Why do one of my female cats and my male cat keep urinating in my home - my bedroom, my daughters bedrooms, and my kitchen floor?!!!! They get outdoors time and have 3 litter boxes throughout my house.


  • @Molly Brabyn Inappropriate elimination is certainly frustrating and determining the cause can be equally challenging but just be assured that your cats are not doing this out of spite or anger, and not always to mark territory - especially if this a newly acquired behaviour for both of them. 
    There are several reasons why they may be doing so. Here are a couple of  considerations: 

    1. An underlying medical condition, such as; Urinary Tract Infection, Kidney Disease or Diabetes etc. Many conditions will bring out this behaviour due to pain, not getting to the litter box on time or preference of comfort from a soft surface. 

    2. Stress can often be a cause. A busy, loud or high-traffic household. A recent change within or around the home, such as: someone moved in or out, a new neighborhood dog or another cat next door, a recent event that occurred between the cats relationship towards one another, raccoons roaming nearby at night etc. 

    3. Consider the location of the litter boxes and if you have made any recent changes to the placement or the style/brand of litter. Some cats need a gradual transition when being introduced to a new type. Also, the cleanliness of the litter box can be the issue for some cats. Some prefer their litterboxes be cleaned daily and others can go a couple of days. 

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