what kind of litter has the least smell?

  • what size litter box should i get ?    what kind of litter has the least smell?  

  • @SHARON YEADON  World's Best Litter ‼️  this litter is made from corn stalks. Safe to flush. Absolutely no smell. Clumps great. I get it through Chewy. It's amazing. No more clay litter for me. My home is multi cat  we have 2 boxes. Easy to scoop and flushable. Really amazing litter no smell and easy to scoop ‼️

  • @SHARON YEADON The general rule of thumb for the right size litter box is: 

    It should be one and a half times the length of an adult cat from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. This ensures plenty of room for the cat to make a full turn comfortably. So it's best to know the size of cat before purchasing a litter box. If your cat is still a kitten, you may need to start with a smaller box and transition her/him at a later time, depending on the size she/he becomes at maturity. 

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