What can I give my cat to stop hairballs?

  • I have a longhat cat that sounds like she is about to cough up  I don't know  she throws up but no hair can you suggest something that I can get for ger

  • I'm sorry to hear this.

    A gaging or coughing sound accompanied by vomit may actually be a vomit vs a hair ball.

    Usually we viisbly see the hair ball once brought up.


    Hair balls can be remedied by brushing twice daily with a good 'fur removal' brush like a Furminator, providing a paste like Katalax and/or offering a fur ball reducing food.


    However, if this is an ongoing issue or accompanied with other signs (like lethargy, a reduced appetite or weight loss), a vet check is the next step so we can assess for a medical issue here.

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