How do I transition my cat from wet to dry food?

  • My 7 mo th old kitty eats a little dry food but wants only wet food. How do I train him off the wet and to only dry. I'm tired of getting up at 2 or 3 am to feed hi.. He has dry food out but wants the wet food

  • Hi there!


    This is incredibly common. Most cats (and dogs) prefer wet food as it smells better, tastes better and is easier/quicker to eat.


    We need to gte a little more strict here; at his age, he does not need feeding past bed time so must learn to wait. Stop giving in as, by feeding him, we are making him think it is acceptable to ask for food in the middle of the night.


    He may protest (loudly) the first few nights but should soon get the message, as long as we are consistent.


    Cats do not need wet food so we can just stop giving it. This may sound a little 'cruel' but if you'd rather not feed it, you do not have to.


    A softer approach is to gradually transition off it, by offer less and less (and more dry food) each day.


    Once the wet food is not being given, he will eat the dry food, when hungry enough. When he learns nothing else is on offer, he'll eat it without fuss. Dry food is very good for dental health.

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