How to deter cat from scratching furniture

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  • I have had success with some of the over the counter sprays that deter furniture scratching. Make sure the have somewhere to scratch when you spray your furniture. If they get use to a scratching post or cat tree with scratching posts they usually go there to scratch and leave the furniture with the "smell' alone. The cat scratches that have catnip on them may be just the enticement they need. I'm not a professional, but I have had cats all my life and I am an old lady now.

  • Hi there, this is Dr Linda, a vet with 10 years of experience.

    I'd add to the above that if your cat is not using their scratching post and mat, we can try to encourage this. The best way I have found is to rub some cotton wool on their cheeks to get their scent onto it. Then rub this cotton wool onto the scratching areas. This can work a treat.


    I'd put these posts or mats next to the furniture your at would usually scratch at, so they 'get the message'!

  • @June Davis My addition to this, is to add double-sided tape to the areas that your cat is scratching on the furniture. Some are specifically designed to deter this type of behaviour and easy to apply and safe to use on all fabrics and textures of furniture (as well as kitchen counters, walls etc). It may be unsightly to look at for a few days but will only be temporary. Cats generally do not like the way it feels on their paws, and after an unpleasant experience (or 2 or 3) with it - are likely to want to avoid the area. 

  • @Linda Simon, what is cotton wool? And where can it be purchased? TIA.

  • Just plain old cotton balls! 

    Available in any superstores or pharmacies.

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