How do I remove the matted hair that my cat can't reach on her back?

  • My cat has  has been trying to shed her Summer coat she is over weight and can't reach her spine area how to remove the matted hair that my cat can't reach on her back thank you have a very nice day be safe

  • Hi there, this is Dr Linda, a vet with 10 years of clinical experience.

    I'm sorry you've noticed this issue with your cat.


    Oftentimes, not being able to groom adequately will be linked to an underlying issue such as  dental disease or joint pain (much more common in those who are obese). So, a vet check is sensible if there is a chance there is more going on here.


    Short term, many cats tolerate us using a 'quiet' clippers to remove the mats. We want to remove the mat right down to the skin, to avoid the skin becoming inflamed or infected. We should do a little at a time, rewarding with lots of praise as we go.


    If she will not tolerate us clipping (or utting with a scissors), your vet or groomer can do this for you. Most cats will tolerate this while awake. However, if the cat is very anxious or the fur is very matted, sedation may be needed.

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