Why is my cat drooling after going to see the vet?

  • Mt cat went to the vet n and still drools. She is on me an antibiotic ears goodn drinks very little. 



  • @Paula Tirado One of my cats drools terribly every time he goes to the vet. None of my other cats have ever done this. When I asked my vet about it she told me it's his nerves. He just gets so nervous that he drools.

  • @Paula Tirado Some cats will drool when they are overwhelmed or extremely relaxed. It is quite common and not generally of any great concern. Also, since your cat is currently receiving medication - some can cause cats to salivate, this can be normal and only temporary. 

  • I'd just add that drooling can be a sign of motion sickness, so if you travel by car, this could be the issue.

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