Why does my Calico cat keep biting me?

  • Why does my Calico bite me? I treat her well. 

    During the night she meows like she is being murdered. It's very disturbing.

  • @Cynthia Whitford Hi Cynthia, There a few different reasons why a cat may perform this kind of behaviour. 
    - Cats are crepuscular, which means they instinctively are most active during the night (usually at dusk and dawn) when their prey are also most vigorous. Young adult cats, inparticular, are most likely to behave this way and as they mature into the routine within the household, this behaviour can slowly decrease.

    *If she has not yet been spayed, she may be seeking the desire to get outside for the purpose of mating. By having her spayed will reduce the meowing, if not eliminate it entirely. 

    -  Because she is biting you - she may just be feeling bored or unstimulated and is just seeking your attention. She doesn't necessarily care that you are trying to sleep. However, if you respond to her demands - she will likely continue, as she knows it works. Providing a playtime session with an interactive wand toy before bedtime can help remedy this. 15 mins at minimum. 

    - If your cat is elderly (12 years +) there may be an underlying medical condition involved. If her meows are more of a loud excessive yowl - this can be a sign of kidney disease or an overactive thyroid. Ageing cats can also become disoriented which can be a sign of the onset of dementia, with excessive vocalization being a sure sign. 

  • My cat continually bites my leggs, my hands. When I walk across the room. I bleed alot when she does this. She is about 2 years old. She's been spaded.

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