Why does my kitten keep coughing and sneezing?

  • She is 7 months old got her 2 months ago , homeless, she has had all her shots Flea treated6-1, spaded . Antibiotics and wormed . Picky Eater ( SCIENCE DIET CHICKEN) SHE HAS A SHINY COAT, PLAYFUL, SLEEPS ALL NIGHT. VET SAYS SHE IS HEALTHY. SO IS THIS ALLERGY RELATED? 

  • Why does my cat sneeze now and then, every couple of days.

  • @Brenda Parker @Bobbi Coover Yes, sneezing and coughing could be related to an allergy caused by the food they consume. But usually with an allergy to food there are more contributing symptoms, such as diarrhea, constipation etc.

    More commonly, another consideration is - that many cats can have and/or develop allergies to their style/type of litter. Many litters on the market contain a lot of dust and added chemicals (such as; Sodium Bentonite and Crystalline Silica for their clumping abilities) and can cause cats (and humans) to sneeze and cough. This can often lead to allergies and respiratory issues to manifest overtime. 

    Other consideration is: Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) which is a cat's version of a common cold. But there are usually more symptoms involved, such as: runny eyes, nasal discharge, fatigue etc. 

    And sometimes this could be a reaction to the dust within the home, no matter if there is a lot or barely any. Some cats (and humans) can just have more sensitivities then others. 



  • So which is the right cat litter to help my cats that seem to have the same problem.

  • Sneezing and coughing in kittens is more often linked to a respiratory infection such as Calici or Herpes virus so a vet check is the first steo here.


    It won't harm to change litter to a 'non irritant' one but this may not solve the issue.


    Go for an unscented litter that clumps, to minimise irritation.


    Purina Tidy cats is a good option.

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