My 21 year old cat stopped using the litter box all the time, any tips?

  • My 21 year old cat doesn't go on the litter box all the time, how can I get her to back to using it again?

  • Hi Sally,

    First of all, congratulations to the old girl - 21 years is fantastic! That's 100 equivalent to human years. 
    So given this golden age, she is bound to have a few mishaps. And there could be several reasons why they occur. Such as:

    - there maybe an underlying medical condition, such as Arthritis or another anti-inflammatory condition that may cause her joint pain - while getting in and out of her litter box. Or this could also be a result of kidney disease or a urinary tract infection.

    - she may have Dementia that causes her some confusion and she forgets where and what she's supposed to do during time of elimination. 

    - Stress, frustration, fear, separation anxiety and change to the daily routine are all possible reasons for this behaviour to occur.

    In the meantime, try to maintain a consistent daily routine for her to follow and expect. Consider switching the litter box to one that allows her easier access. If space in your home permits and/or if you have a large home - provide her with more then one litter box for her convenience. Place puppy training pads underneath or a rubber mat underneath to catch any mishaps and help protect the floor. Catnip sprayed or rubbed around the entrance of the litterbox can help entice (and remind) her inside. 

    Consider a trip or a phone call to your veterinarian for a check up to rule out any of the mentioned medical conditions and determine a suitable solution for your situation. 


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