Why do my 2 6 month old female kittens keep biting my toes every night while I sleep?

  • Why do my 2 6month old female kittens keep biteing my toes every night while I sleep.  It goes on for hours?

  • @Beverly GutmanGutman Since they are still in their young kitten years, they are bound to be a bit mischievous. They may view your toes as prey (or a fun toy) and unfortunately for you - have the desire to attack them. Cats are Crepuscular, which means they are instinctively more active at night. Usually, at dusk and dawn when their prey are also most active. As they get older, this behaviour may calm down and they may evolve into a routine where they sleep more during the night. In the meantime, you may need to cover your feet or not allow them in your bedroom. They may also know that by biting your toes - they get your attention, which is what they are really after. So if you allow this behaviour to continue, it will - because they know it works. 

    To help deter them; try having an evening playtime session with an interactive wand toy, just before you retire for the night. Allow, at least 30 minutes (15 mins per cat) as this may help expel their energy that they might otherwise use on your toes. If necessary, after playtime - provide a small amount of food to keep their stomachs satisfied. 

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