Do cats get depressed?

  • Do cats get depressed?


  • Hi Vivian,

    Yes, cats can get depressed. There are several reasons why this may occur. Listed below are only a few examples: 

    - a major adjustment or change within their daily routine or environment. 
    - separation anxiety if owner is away from the home often.
    - the loss of a companion - either from death or removal from the home.                      - chronic pain due to a medical condition.
    - excessive boredom or loneliness.           
    - lack of stimulation or exercise. 

    A phone call to a veterinarian to discuss a suitable treatment should be considered if you believe your cat suffers from depression. However, in the meantime - keeping their daily activities as consistent as possible with plenty of interactive playtime, any outdoor catio time and routine mealtimes (they will incorporate nap times within all this) will help keep your cat stimulated and happy. Puzzle toys can be very effective. These can keep cats entertained while you are away from the home during the day-and put in the cupboard upon your return. That way they do not become bored with it and look forward to its return to the floor next time. Solo plush toys can also provide comfort with comfort. Scratching posts or boards will provide an outlet for your cat to expel excess energy and for a good old muscle stretch. 

  • Thank u for ur advice 

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