Is my cat peeing on my bed because I broke up with my boyfriend?

  • My cat is 5 years old litter trained has never potted except in the box all of a sudden it's starting to pee on my bed I broke up with my boyfriend does that have anything to do with what he's doing

  • Hi Terwelp,

    If your cat was fond of your boyfriend, then yes..that may have something to do with it. But not because your cat is being spiteful - just abit depressed from his sudden absent. It may not be sudden for you - but it could seem that way to your cat. This may just require a bit of time for him to get over. But with plenty of love and attention - this can decrease over some time. 
    However, it could just be the timing and there may be something more involved here. Often when cats do this - there could be an underlying medical condition that has transpired and should be consulted by a veterinarian for a more in-depth look. 

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