How can get rid of matted hair on cats (besides using a groomer)?

  • How to get rid of matted hair besides groomers

  • Hi Lynda,

    If your cat is accustomed to them, there are specifically designed brushes and combs that you can use on matted fur, then by just using a flea comb or a regular brush. An example of one: FURminator Adjustable deMatter. 

    If your cat is not accustomed to the use of any kind of brush, you can introduce her/him to it gradually. 
    - leave the brush or comb out for a few days within the area your cat frequents the most. Allow for her/him to investigate it and become used to its presence. 
    - after a few days, holding the brush in your hand, allow her/him to sniff the brush and then offer a treat. Repeat this a few times but do not use the brush on her/him just yet. 
    - after another couple of days, when the cat is relaxed and in a sleepy mood (do not wake from deep sleep) try a gentle use of the brush on the neck. Determine what the cat will tolerate. If there is any signs of fear or stress involved-remove the brush from cats view and try again later. If the cat is okay with this - keep going. These specifically designed brushes allow for the removal of the matted fur to come out quite easily. For chronic cases, you may need to incorporate a calming supplement, such as VetriScience Composure Chews or consider consulting your veterinarian for an alternative treatment. 

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