How can I get rid of my cat's fleas without wrecking my house?

  • Trying to get rid of fleas. I want to be able to do it without bombing the house. 

  • Hi Lisa,

    Consider a trip to your local pet store (or online) and ask the salesperson for an over -the-counter medication such as Advantage or Revolution Plus. These kinds of treatments are applied by dropping the liquid directly to the cats skin, which will then be absorbed into the bloodstream (food source for the fleas). Typically applied between the shoulder blades, on the neck and spreading the fur apart with two fingers. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package. 

    If your cat is comfortable with the use of a flea comb, try combing out some of the fleas and dropping them into a bowl of hot water. Do this several times a day, as it will help capture the more mature, bigger fleas that are soon to lay new eggs. 

    If you are suffering from an infestation, consider consulting your veterinarian to discuss a solution to remedy the problem for both your cat (and any other pets) and your home. Wash all bedding, blankets, towels and areas rugs. Natural products, such as; baking soda, salt or lemon spray can be applied to carpeted areas (then vacuumed) and may help with the situation. 

  • @Nicole Van Andel use revolution plus on your cats and get the carpets steam cleaned. Wash throw rugs and treat the yard. That's how I got rid of fleas in my house. No more for 4 years or more

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