How can I get my male long hair cat to let me groom him?

  • My long hair male has not allowed me to brush or comb him. He is 7 and new to my home, got him 1 week ago. 

  • Hi Lene,

    Since your cat is new to the home, allow him some time to become settled into his new environment and daily routine before introducing new items or activities. He also may not have ever been combed or brushed in his previous home(s) and not accustomed to the activity or even to the comb/brush itself. In order to make this transaction successful, he will need to trust you before he will allow it to happen. 

    For a couple of weeks, while he is getting settled - leave the comb/brush out in his presence and within his territory. Give him the freedom to sniff and explore it, which will allow him time to associate that it is no threat. 
    When the time comes and you have earned his trust (and he is in a relaxed mode); with one hand, hold the comb/brush up to him encourage him to sniff it and with the other hand pet him gently. If he appears intrigued but still relaxed, try brushing an area on the back of his neck and if he remains comfortable, slowly continue down his back and so on. 
    If he shows any sign of fear or stress, stop and try again at a later time. Keep up with the determination but just allow for a lot of patience, as this can take several weeks. However, it will be worth the effort and time - as he will have a beautiful coat and require less time/money with vet visits to remove any nasty hair mats that he is likely to accumulate. 

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