How can I get my cat to start using the litter box again?

  • How can I get my cat to use the litter box again ? She used to until my other cat was dying then she started to pee and poop outside of the litter box  2 days before my other cat died and she won't go in the litter box. 

  • Hi Rose,

    First off, I am so sorry for your loss. And I am sorry to hear that your other cat is now not using the litter box. Given the circumstances, this behaviour suggests to me that she is grieving the loss too. If the two were a bonded pair, she may be suffering from chronic depression and this can take some extra time and attention to remedy. A trip to your veterinarian may be necessary. 
    If the two were not a bonded pair, she may still just be abit sad and does not want to use the litter box where she can still smell the scent of her housemate. If this is the cause, you could try replacing the litter box with a whole new fresh one, including new litter and perhaps in a new location. In other words, starting fresh. 
    If this is not an option, try giving the existing litter box and it's area a throughly good scrub down with a cleaning solution such as; Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer or baking soda and vinegar. Provide her with verbal praise and encouragement when she is near and/or using the litter box to remind her that the space is hers. Rub or spray catnip on the litter box to help entice her interest. 

  • @Rose Nelson get a new box just for her. 

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