Should I declaw my 3 year old indoor cat?

  • What do you say about declawing a 3 year old, indoor cat?

  • Hi Barb, 

    It is not recommended and unnecessary to declaw a cat (both indoor and outdoor). The reason for this is; the procedure itself means amputation. This operation involves surgically removing the end bones of the cats toes, in order to remove the entire claw. It can cause physical and psychological suffering, which can last the cat's lifetime. For these reasons, as well as others, this is also widely considered to be an act of animal cruelty and is banned in several areas. 
    As an alternative, a cat can be trained to have her/his nail's trimmed, taken to a groomer or a veterinarian for a clipping appointment or have vinyl nail caps affixed to the claws with non-toxic glue. 

  • @Barb Kaminga don't do it. It's actually mutilation and banned in many other countries because they've determined it is animal abuse. Taking away a cat's main line of defense and natural pleasure to scratch will most likely cause other behavioral problems. 

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