How to stop my cat from biting the back of my calfs?

  • My cat is 2 years old and 3 months he likes to bite the back of my calf's it's not hard but I don't like it

  • So cute

  • Hi June,

    Some cats have a stronger desire to hunt then others. It is instinctual for a cat to attack a sudden movement and, usually, this behaviour is a symptom of playful aggressiveness and/or boredom. 
    His bite is not hard because he is not trying to hurt you but he doesn't know that you do not enjoy this act as much as he does. To remedy this; consider getting an interactive wand toy that will allow him to expel this excess energy. Get a few different ones to change the prey and keep him enticed. Try, at minimum, two 15 minute playtime sessions a day. One in the morning, and another again before bedtime. Provide solo plush toys, infused with catnip, for him to attack while you are away from the home. 


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