13 week old kitten is having diarrhea

  • We adopted brother/sister kittens at 8 weeks old. The boy, Pesto, has had diarrhea since he came to us.  I have tried sticking to the Royal Canin wet and Little Friskies Kitten kibble that the foster home had them on first with no luck. They are now eating Honest Kitchen wet as their main meals with Honest Kitchen kibble in between when they act hungry.  Pesto still has diarrhea and on Aug 25th I started adding organic pumpkin to his food, 1 T. twice-a-day.  Still, three days later, no change. He is active with his sister and has his cuddle time with me; all that seems to be normal.  I'm not sure what to try next.  My eventual goal, after they are fixed and totally recovered, is to follow Dr. Karen Becker's diet regimine with homemade raw.  I'm wondering if I should start that sooner rather than later.  Any thoughts?

  • Hi Karen, 

    Since this has been an ongoing issue from the very beginning and that you've tried  a few different things already, I would suggest a trip to the veterinarian for a check up. He may be suffering from an internal infection, bacteria or intestinal worms? Or perhaps he's chewing on a toxic houseplant while your not looking? He may also have a very fragile stomach and suffer from a wide range of food intolerances. Once his condition has been determined, you may be able to begin him on your preference of a raw food diet. Just be sure that it is complete and balanced, in order to meet all your cats nutritional needs, such as the importance of including the amino acids - arginine and taurine. 

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