Why is my cat peeing on things?

  • Why does a cat pee to spite you, after being told no?

  • Hi Sherry, 


    I am sorry your cat has been peeing on things and kow this will concern you. It is a very frustrating issue to deal with.

    Cats never pee from spite or resentment. While it may seem this way to use, they don't have the capacity to think in this way.


    More likely, she is anxious or fearful at being told off, which leads to the urination.


    Urinating inside can have a physical or mental cause.


    If not already done, a vet visit and urine analysis is important to rule out e.g. urinary crystals, an infection or bladder inlammation.


    If stress is a factor, we need to try to keep the routine predictable and to minimise stress within the home. This can mean calming supplements, a Feliway plug in, more hiding places, more interactive games etc.


    Ensure she has access to 2 clean litter trays at all times (assuming she is the only kitty).


    We should also be sure to thoroughly clean any soiled areas with an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate the odour and prevent re-soiling. Any thoroughly soiled spots (such as carpets or mats that have soaked right through) could need replacing.


    Hopefully we can get on top of this soon.

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