My 19 year old deaf cat is peeing outside of her litter box. Help!

  • My cat,female, 19 Years old and deaf. She pees everywhere but in her box! Why? She poops in box,   She also meows very loudly at 4am  and does this until l get up! Why? Is she senile?

  • Hi Carol,

    This does not necessarily mean she is senile. But given her age (congratulations old girl - 92 in human years!) she is in the golden years of being old and these behaviours are very common during this time. However, a trip to the veterinarian might be beneficial here, as there maybe more cause for concern, such as; an underlying medical condition involved (IE: Feline Hyperthyroidism or Feline Leukemia). 
    Because she is also deaf - she may be meowing loudly in the early mornings due to loneliness. She meows for your attention and knows if she does so long will respond. However, Dementia can also cause an elderly cat to be confused and meow loudly at odd times during the day and/or night.

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