Why is my 12 year old cat sleeping 18-20 hours per day? Is this normal?

  • I have a 12 years ago cat that like to sleep a lot 18-20 hours a day

  • Hi there Angela and thank you for your question.


    Even for a 12 year old, this seems a little excessive.


    More importantly, if this is out of the ordinary and is suddenly a lot more than it used to be, this tells us something is not quite right.


    More sleeping can occur due to hot weather, but it could also indicate a medical issue such as arthritis, heart disease or kidney disease.


    At 12, we can start to see health issues developing so a general check over is a sensible idea.

    The vet should check your cat all over and may run some further tests such as a blood test, urine test and blood pressure check if concerned.


    If there is evidence of arthritis (about 90% of 12 year olds have some degree of joint pain), we could trial medicine to see if this helps with energy levels.


    Try to keep your kitty engaged with things like food puzzles, interactive toys and other activities. This can also help to slow any cognitive decline as a kitty gets older.

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