Kittens will not stop chewing electric cords

  • My two kittens cannot leave electric cords alone. I keep things unplugged whenever possible now and have covered most of them with those vinyl covers that are supposed to deter them. But they chew anyway, and it still can't be great for the cords or them. I worry they're chewing straight through the covers and are going to get seriously hurt or start a fire. 

    They aren't interested in chew toys or those chewy stick treats. I also tried bitter spray, which only seems to keep them away for a day or two. They have plenty of other types of other toys (balls, wands, etc.) that they do enjoy playing with, and they get tons of attention all day. Yet they're still obsessed — I feel like I spend all day pulling them away from cords and trying to distract them with their other toys. Anything else to try? Are they still teething at about six months?

  • Oh gosh, this is a worrying behaviour indeed.

    This can result in serious electrical shock and localised burns.


    We need to treat the cats like toddlers and completely baby proof the cords and/or remove them from reach.


    It sounds like they've found something that they know gets you attention and that they have made it a real game.


    Continue to distract with lots of other thins to do including scenting games, food puzzles, interactive toys, catnip etc.


    Consider a different type of bitter spray as some are more effective than others.

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