How do I stop cat from licking or chewing plastic bags?

  • my mail cat has a thing for plastic shopping bags,plastic tape.He likes to either lick it or if it's thick he'll  chew it.He doesn't eat it.

    Do you know why he has this behavior.


  • Hi Sandra,

    This is a common behaviour that only some cats have. Your cat is one of them. 

    Some types of plastic bags (and other plastic items) contain lubricating chemicals called slip agents that prevent them from sticking together. These slip agents sometimes contain a chemical called stearic acid, which is rendered from animal fat. Some cats, with their keen sense of smell, find this scent enticing (much like catnip) and love to lick and chew on the plastic. While a lick or two is safe, be sure to not allow him to chew to aggressively on anything to avoid the possibility of ingestion.  

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