One cat preventing other from using litter box.

  • I have 2 female cats who are sisters.  One of them  prevents the other from using the litterbox.  They mostly get along fine.  How do I remedy this?

  • Hi Marilyn,

    If possible, try providing a second litterbox. Some cats do not like to share their place of elimination with anyone else (sister or not:) which appears to be the issue here. The general rule is to provide the number of cats in the home with one little box each, plus one. So looks like this: N + 1 = # of Litterboxes.
    Be sure to keep the litterboxes both the same, to avoid the cats from becoming "jealous" of the each other's surroundings. If space does not allow for 2 litterboxes, try placing them in separate areas. Just be sure to show each of the girls the changes you have made. 

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