Need help with cat who started having seizures

  • Started seizing 2-3 weeks ago. Didn't recognize at first. 5 times a day highest...senior disabled we ithout guns till first still under SSI.

    Fleas bad either fleas or Frontline or head injury when occ. falling off places while in episode. Need vet who will take payments. Donated rescue remedy to calm. Skullcap and passion flower extract etc. What else ?? Prayer , yes .

    What your opinion, yes I am a bad mom. Would you like to adopt? Seriously know she deserves best.



  • Hi there, this is Dr Linda, a small animal vet.

    I'm afraid I do not understand all of your message, so please correct me if I get anything wrong.


    If your cat has started to have seizures, we need to have them checked by a vet immediately. This is so we can determine the cause (many things can cause seizures including epilepsy, a brain tumour, a recent toxin ingestion, organ failure, head trauma etc.) and start anti seizure medicine. The vet can also provide you with some medicine that can be given during a seizure, to stop it in its tracks.


    Sometimes very intense itching from fleas can result in behaviour that mimics seizures. We need to control the itch. This means eliminating fleas (with a prescription spot on for your cat and environmental cleaning as well a a flea spray for the home) and providing strong anti itch medicine to break the cycle and allow her skin to heal.


    With regards which vet to see, please call around those in your area and let them know your situation so they can work with you.

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