Looking for suggestions for an intelligent cat in need of stimulation.

  • Looking for suggestions for an intelligent cat in need of stimulation.

    I can't afford a 2nd cat. So far, I've cut holes in McDonalds cups and shoe boxes so she has to work to get at the treats inside.

  • Hi Susan,

    A great way to stimulate high energy (or even not-so-high) cats is to invest in a couple of inexpensive wand toys. These are typically made of thin plastic rods that dangle a toy from the end of a string. The toy end usually consists of a mouse, bird or insect with vibrant colours and may have feathers, ribbons or other accessories attached. Provide a minimum of 15 minutes a day of interactive playtime sessions with her. Allow her to jump, stretch and attack these items to encourage her to expel her excess energy. These playtime sessions not only give a cat a great work out but also help build bonds between cat and owner. Just be sure to put the wand toy away, out of her reach, after a play session to avoid any unnecessary accidents from occurring. 
    Cardboard scratching boards are also an inexpensive way to stimulate a bored cat, as well as providing a way to clean the claws, stretch muscles, expel excitement  and sometimes even a comfortable place to curl up for a nap. 
    Solo toys infused with catnip are a good way to provide a cat with stimulation while you are out of the home. Keep the McDonalds cups and shoe boxes out if they work for her. This is a great way to keep her entertained. 

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