How can I stop my cat from biting me?

  • How can I stop my cat from biting me. He gets comfy and loving then attacks. Not all the time. He's 4! 

  • Hi Barbara,

    When a cat bites all of a sudden (and during a loving moment) usually means "I've had enough". Sometimes a cat can get overexcited or overstimulated and their reaction is to bite. If you've suddenly pet him in an area where his skin is sensitive can also lead to this sudden impulsive reaction. 
    Next time, try watching his body language for early signs, before he strikes. These signs can include; slight movement at the end of his tail, turning his ears, twitching back fur or a low quiet meow. When/if he bites, do not respond vocally at all, try relaxing your hand (freeze) and allow him to remove himself at his own pace. By pulling away quickly will likely trigger his instinctive hunting impulses and can cause for a deeper, more painful bite. Because he is still quite young, this may also allow him to continue the behaviour in future - since he is getting excitement from it. By relaxing and ignoring him, overtime - he may become bored and not pursue the impulse going forward. 

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